torstai 06. joulukuuta 2018 16:54

The wanderer has no place to go, after he has come to the end
The moon paints all the shadows blue, he is alone, left out there
Far away from a lonely yard the warth radiates out to the night
Hunger awakes in his frozen body, which has fed on air and water

It hurts, but still he goes on, you can always turn back
It hurts, but nevertheless go on, you are here and you have come here like a wanderer

The clock rings for a lonely soul, it has borrowed its voice from Grim Reaper
Does it want good or bad, when it counts our deaths
Stop thinking, it is still difficult, you better take one day at a time
The wanderer has no place to go, if he goes with the last strike (of the clock)

Mieliala: Masentunut
Taustalla soi: Nordman - Vandrare


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