Ageless Kingdoms

Ageless Kingdoms
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Outro: On Arcane Winds We Ride

Genre: Power Metal

Now that the battle is over, it it time for the young hero to ascend to the sidereal world of Himmelrealm to take his place among the greatest legends of the Ageless Kingdoms. The Keeper of Er shall guide his way through the astral pathways.

Riding on magical whirlwinds of the nightsky, he looks upon the sleeping lands below and speaks with a newfound grace in his voice: "Fare thee well, the Ageless Kingdoms. There may yet be times of darkness and despair ahead of you, but fear not, for I shall be back once more!"

Power of the Magic Sword pt. II

Genre: Power Metal

The situation is beginning to seem hopeless for the honourable troops of the Ageless Kingdoms: the dark lord Zxhaggarath triumphs on the battlefield, his black blade sowing chaos and fear among the armies. All of a sudden, a clear voice is heard from the entrance of the cave. "Thy time hath come, Zxhaggarath. I'm here to kick some serious ass!" Everybody holds their breath as the Lord of Blackness turns around to duel with the young hero Alvar, who wields now a glimmering magical sword.

"Impossible...", mutters king Potatismus, "...he has found the Magic Sword... but how?"

The clash of two magical blades, one of light and one of darkness, echoes in the mountains like thunder. The air is filled with magical lightning as ancient energies from deep beneath the ground meet... Then it happens. Zxhaggarath makes a quick, unexpected move and disarms Alvar, whose sword lands on the edge of a canyon, too far for Alvar to reach. The dark lord laughs demonically, but just as he is about to impale the exhausted young hero with a single strike, the Magic Sword somehow appears in Alvar's hand in a flash of blue light. With his very last ounce of strength, he thrusts it in Zxhaggarath's heart (if there is any). After a terrible roar of agony the monster is gone.

A single hero has saved the world again, the ancient prophecy of light is fulfilled. This moment of glory is to echo in the halls of history for millenia after millenia... and to be told again and again for children of the future. Behold the power of the Magic Sword!

Battlefield at Nightfall

Genre: Power Metal

Meanwhile, troops gathered from every corner of the Ageless Kingdoms have pitched a camp at the foot of the Great Northern Mountains. All the major nations are represented here; most notably the Kingdom of Euryarchaeota, whose regent, King Potatismus gazes nervously over the campfire-lit field and the dark caves up in the mountains. He, a direct descendant to Djurmat, the ancient warrior king, knows that the dark enemy is approaching.

Nightfall. The silhouette of the Great Northern Mountains, black against the sky, makes even the bravest of men shiver and clasp their spears and swords tighter... Only a few moments later the first distant sounds of menacing drums are heard from below the ground. Zxhaggarath's army is here! Every man to arms!

As the first dark legions of trolls and other nameless creatures of pure evil rise from the caves and sweep chaotically down the slope, a well-arranged array of steel is awaiting them. The air is filled with warcries as the vast armies of Light and Darkness clash. The knights fight back with honor. Alas, the servants of darkness are many. More and more of them keep coming down from the caves to take the place of their fallen comrades.

All of a sudden a silence covers the battlefield. Terrified, the knights watch the twisted, 20-foot tall figure of Zxhaggarath, the malevolent lord of Blackness, rise from the tunnel. The black sword in his hand makes king Potatismus shiver. He knows that his soldiers will never be able to fight a monster wielding this artifact, the Black Blade of Unholy Power.

Power of the Magic Sword pt. I

Genre: Power Metal

After the fight Alvar, now lost from his companions and confused by the complexity of the dark underground mazes, enters a cathedral-like cavern the height of which he cannot even estimate. The cave is lit only by a mysterious blue glow. On a stone podium in the center of the cave lies a weapon of purest steel. Could it be...? Oh, yes it can!

Amazed, Alvar wields the Magic Sword of Holy Valour, the legendary blade whose owner is said to be able to defeat the dark armies of Zxhaggarath. The prophecy has it that inside the sword sleeps the soul of Djurmat, an ancent warrior king known for his glory and wisdom, and that one day he would lead the Forces of Light to victory one more time...

Suddenly, a giant dark figure glides roaring down from the shadows above - a guardian dragon breathing smoke and fire. Alvar is not afraid. He draws his shining magical sword and swings it. Thundering magical lightning strikes the monster down. Pretty cool, eh?

The body of the dragon lies at his feet. He unwields the blade and runs away in search for his friends. Alvar, your greatest adventure is yet to begin...

Shadowy Subterranean Passages

Genre: Power Metal

After descending to the dark caves under The Great Northern Mountains, our fearless heroes are ambushed by filthy servants of the Darkness. They are many. Their teeth are sharp and their tentacles long, but Alvar attacks them with blazing eyes... This is his first chance to prove his bravery!

Let the Quest Begin

Genre: Power Metal

As a young peasant villager, Alvar, learns about the trolls and giants breeding in The Great Northern Mountains, he and two of his friends embark on a legendary journey to recover the mystical Magic Sword of Holy Valour, and thus, to save the Ageless Kingdoms from ultimate destruction by fulfilling an ancient prophecy.


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