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Hey, nice to see you're there and in the spot. My job is to produce as good quality video as possible. I am also a 3D programmer. I'm streaming my entire desktop while I play live on my gameplay or on my programs. Welcome indeed, if anything, I can tell about myself so I've played games and had a couple of technology really up to my birth. All my life I have lived in Finland, and I was at the age of 14 years in Turkey transfer student. I went to high school years and I am head-My substance chosen university. I read at home actually everything I have, however, now already 28 years old. It's really great to be Mixer, I was previously on and I will be there Account, but I have decided all videos streamed Mixer. Thank you for visiting here and if you want to learn something new, then it's easy to ask or watch this stream. Valuing HD.

copyright©™︎Tapout* aka MappyHaxツ

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