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I'm the nightmare you fell asleep and then woke up still in
I'm your karma closing in with each stroke of a pen
Perfect time to have some remorse to show for your sin
Nope, it's hopeless - I'm the denial that you're hopelessly in 
When they say all of this is approaching its end 
But you refuse to believe that it's over
Here we go all over again
Back's to the wall, I'm stacking up all them odds
Toilets clogged - Yeah cause I'm talking a lot of shit but I'm backing it all up
But in my head there's a voice in the back and it hollers after the track is demolished
"I am your lack of a conscience"
I'm the ringing in your ears
I'm the polyps on the back of your tonsils
Eatin' your vocal chords after your concerts
I'm your time that's almost up that you haven't acknowledged
Grab for some water but I'm that pill that's too jagged to swallow.

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