15.05.1983 (39v)
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sellanen tuli nakuteltua kaverille

The field turned to ashes that blacken the sky
The cities were bombed to the grounds
But somewhere the glory grew up the seed
And we awoke to the different sound
The son of the nation has made up his mind
Prepared to die for his land
He stares over meadows into the east
Clenching a gun in his hand

Faith and fury, the spirit is alive
Faith and fury, through all that jive
Faith and fury, they’ll show us the way
That the whole world will learn someday

The strength of storm is strength of our pride
Wait for the sign that compels
We’ll take up the arms against the beast
We’ll beat him and throw him to hell
They burned down the houses they defamed the flags
But they can’t steal our memory
knock us to the ground but we’ll rise again
When the world is prepared to see

Faith and fury, all through the gray
Faith and fury, can’t take them away
Faith and fury, the pride of the free
Faith and fury, the power of our loyalty
Our loyalty

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