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... 4 ShoW !!
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UUTISET ; Parhaita paloja !!!


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Ollaan toistemme peilejä.. Kaikki mitä minussa näet, on sinussa itsessäsi <3 OLET RAKKAUS!

Boo00Oo y'ALL !!! 


*** Ight, eye R Multi Talented wit lutta SkillZ  ...C, also :  

~ Imma type who would give you a friendly slap on tha back outta nowhere and it will scare you, make you spill your drink on yourself!! I'll startle you when I pull your pantz down and run away. I'll violate your territory when you eat my fruity pebblez! I'll draw my name in doodles on your wrist and wonder if i'd look good tatted on you. I'll go to the movies with you and throw popcorn in your eye and expect you to give me a red vine for it. I'll try to find your tickle spot and make you pee on yourself, then when you go change I'll do it again until you run out of clothes... That's when I'll do your laundry for you but all your clothes will end up either 4 sizes too small or with bleach spots on em. I shall be the bestest buddy you could ever have, even if you hate me I will still be the bestest as$$hole you will ever experience. I'll sit on de floor in front of the bathroom door while your in there trying desperately to take a peaceful shit, and make up a song about you not wiping your ass good enough ...!!   


PeaCe & Jáh Bless Selassíe.    

˙·٠• ミ☆彡 •٠·˙



Take Action, please DO care!!  



Y'all shud FCK'n bother ! ! !   

    ***                ***                         ***                      ****               ***        ***         ***



° ༺☼༻ °   ॐ Namastè  ॐ     ° ༺☼༻ °


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